About Us

A mandala exemplifies the notion that people exist not as separate individuals, but as connected components of a vast and never-ending universe. Throughout time, cultures have used the mandala to represent our journey through life, and the inherent beauty in the continual process of profound self-discovery. By combining innovative, evidenced-based practices in health and wellness, we aim to help you find renewed strength and motivation, and to re-establish meaningful connections to the things that fill your life with direction and purpose.

Our client-focused family wellness clinic is dedicated to providing compassionate care and services for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. We offer you an interdisciplinary team of clinicians who readily partner with families, teachers, physicians, and other community members to help you reach your goals. At Mandala, we believe in the restorative potential of nurturing trust, challenging troubling thoughts and feelings, and developing strength and courage in every member of our community.

Individual experiences in therapy are often as unique as each person themself. With that in mind, Mandala places a strong emphasis on effectively pairing clinicians to clients to ensure you receive personalized, compassionate, and effective treatment. Our clinicians are highly-trained in a wide variety of techniques and service modalities, and often work collaboratively to provide clients a well-rounded and results-driven approach.

If you or people you love are struggling, we’re here to help you find solutions. Whether you’re seeking help for complex and troubling concerns, or you’re just looking to gain some clarity on certain elements in your life, we have services to meet your needs. Reaching out is a powerful step in reclaiming your sense of control and stability in your life, and at Mandala Family Wellness, we look forward to helping you embrace the uniqueness of your story and rediscover the power of your potential.