Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a cornerstone of our client-centered approach to treatment at Mandala Family Wellness. In a supportive and empathetic one-on-one setting, we offer you the chance to explore emotions, thoughts, and behaviors with the guidance of highly-experienced therapists. By combining a variety of evidence-based techniques with holistic therapeutic approaches, we tailor our treatment to meet specific goals that are important to you. Our highly-skilled team of clinicians is comprised of therapists with different backgrounds, training, and experience, as well as different theoretical orientations. This allows us to effectively treat a wide variety of clients, by matching you with a clinician we believe will not only be a great fit on a personal level, but who’s particular knowledge and clinical approach will serve you best.

By participating in individual therapy at Mandala, you will be given weekly opportunities to develop a deep and restorative sense of self-awareness. Through guided introspection and dialogue with your therapist, you will work towards discovering meaningful insights into the connections between your experiences, emotions, and thought patterns. This self-awareness will empower you to make healthier choices and cope more effectively with life’s challenges. With a renewed sense of self-esteem and resilience, you will gain confidence in your decision-making, and rediscover your sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

We believe strongly that an effective therapeutic relationship is one built on authenticity, honesty, and trust. Sometimes, processing difficult things in therapy can be an emotionally-intense experience. It is then that the bond you’ve developed with your therapist will matter most to you, as you will feel safe to express yourself honestly and without fear of judgement or criticism. Over time, engaging with your therapist in an open and collaborative working relationship will lead to meaningful and lasting changes in your life.

As you spend time working with your Mandala therapist, you will discuss and develop your inherent skills and strengths. We will assist and guide you through the process of turning those assets into tools you can use to change your life for the better. Individual therapy can be a transformative experience that can equip you with the skills you need to change your life for the better. By partnering with you on your journey of self-exploration and growth, we aim to empower you to navigate your world with confidence and self-assurance.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a vital component of our comprehensive approach to holistic treatment at Mandala Family Wellness. We recognize that a child’s growth and development are deeply intertwined with their family dynamics. Our family therapy sessions provide a supportive space where families can come together to address challenges, improve communication, and strengthen their connections.

One of the primary benefits of family therapy is the opportunity for open and honest communication with one another. Families often face issues that can be difficult to discuss within the confines of daily life. Family therapy sessions offer your family a safe and structured environment where everyone has a chance to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Through facilitated dialogue, we can help your family work through conflicts, misunderstandings, and unresolved issues in a constructive and empathetic manner.

Participation in family therapy promotes a deeper understanding of each family member’s perspective. Open dialogue encourages empathy and compassion, helping family members see situations from one another’s point of view. By working with your family to identify their individual contributions to the overall functioning, a therapist can offer helpful modifications to the way the group works together. Through this process, family members may discover newfound understanding of each other, which can lead to increased tolerance and a reduction in negative emotions like anger and resentment.

One of the unique strengths of family therapy is its focus on addressing systemic issues within the family “system”. Rather than placing blame on any one individual, we use family therapy to explore how family dynamics contribute to challenges. By identifying and addressing these underlying patterns, families can break free from cycles of dysfunction and work together to create a healthier, more harmonious environment.

Family therapy is particularly effective in helping families navigate major life transitions, such as divorce, loss, or relocation. These changes can be emotionally taxing for all family members, and family therapy provides a structured space for processing these transitions and developing coping strategies together. Together, we work with you to equip your family with the tools they need to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity.

At Mandala Family Wellness, we believe that strong families are the foundation of a child’s well-being. Our experienced therapists are dedicated to helping families build stronger bonds and lead happier, healthier lives. Family therapy is an invaluable resource for families seeking to enhance their relationships, improve communication, and create a nurturing and supportive home environment where every member can flourish.